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About Our Company

Our Vision and Mission

Ken Williams started Oyster Leadership and his leadership training style is based on teambuilding, equity, and fairness.

  • Vision – The creation of high trust workplaces in which each member is respected and empowered to thrive.
  • Mission – To coach individuals, teams, and organizations to leverage their strengths, eliminate toxic and sabotaging behaviors, and create the conditions for high performance.
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Core Values :

  • Respect – All people, regardless of gender, race, religion, socio-economic background, or sexual orientation, have value and strengths and deserve to be treated with dignity and empowered to maximize their strengths.
  • Empowerment – I coach people to eliminate the barriers they experience that restrict personal and professional growth and performance and to maximize their strengths and potential.
  • Integrity – I coach with integrity, model integrity, and coach clients to be persons of integrity. The essence of leadership is influence. Influence is based on trust. Trust is developed through practicing integrity.
  • Excellence – I pursue excellence and coach my clients to pursue excellence since people are valuable and deserve the highest quality leadership.
  • Servant Leadership – I coach to serve and am client-focused, modeling the skills and attitudes that the client needs to develop.


Ken Williams served over 26 years in the US Army as an adviser to commanders, leaders, military personnel, and family members on matters of morale, morality, and accommodation of diverse religious practices at all levels. In the four years prior to his retirement, he served as faculty at the National Defense University, teaching graduate courses on leadership and ethics for senior military and government agency leaders. He has extensively researched and published on toxic leadership and developed instruction to prepare leaders to address counterproductive leader behaviors and elements of organizational culture by creating cultures of respect, trust, and ethical practice. Earlier in his career he taught leadership and ethics to entry-level and mid-career officers at the US Army Military Police School. Ken holds a PhD in Leadership and Organizational Change, is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and holds training and certifications in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the EQ-i 2.0 assessment of emotional intelligence, and critical incident stress management. During his career he has conducted team building, organizational change, and strategic planning for several senior level organizations in the Department of Defense. His coaching clients include senior military and government agency leaders. He is an adjunct professor in Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Our Philosophy

Every person has value and deserves leaders who are credible and respectful and a workplace in which they are valued and empowered to thrive. Our intent is:

  • to support leaders to grow in leadership as influence based on credibility; to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors; and to create the conditions for teams to thrive.
  • to support organizations in organizational change for a culture of respectful interaction, equity in opportunities for all members, free from toxic leadership and behaviors, and
  • to support leaders and organizations to detox counterproductive behaviors, practices, systems, and hostile workplaces.